fall 2010This is a coil project i made, i rolled coils and set them on top of each other and made little details. Like circles balls, and swirls.To add more detail into it.I used metallic green for the color.I liked doing this project alot, it was one of my favorties actually.
fall 2010This was the slab/box project, This is where you rolled your clay and cut it into sides. Then you put them together after they harden a little bit so they would actually stand up. Then you would have to put feet on the bottom so it stands up.Then we had to paint it however you wanted it too.
fall 2010This is the first mug i made in this class,and it was hand made. Then i put some designs on it, like stars and swirls. Then i put i love you on it.
winter 2010This is just a bowl i made and its a little uneven on the top but its still a good bowl. I glazes with a black, and i thoughtit turned on pretty good.
winter 2010I made this on the wheel, and shaped it how i wanted it to be. I used different colors to glaze it, and itturned out pretty good.
winter 2010pinch bowlI made this by hand, and formed it the way i wanted it to. Then i just glazed the green color.
winter 2010final projectI used coil's for the bottom of it, then i put balls on the top of the coils. Then i used a slab peice for the top part. Theni put a coil on the top of all of it.