Winter 2010
Circle Box
This was the first [[#|project]] i made this semster, it was supposed to be a box with a top on it. and i hand made it and i just flattened out a piece of clay and put designs in it the put it around the bottom. and then i just made the top to fit it. It was a fun project to make and i just glazzed it green then splashed other colors on it.

Winter 2010
I made this bowl with my hands and i shaped it out and formed it how i wanted it to be. I then glazed it, i gave it to my uncle and he uses it for [[#|ice cream]] and things like that.

Winter 2010
Coil Cup
For this project all i did was roll out some coil's and then i put them around the base of the bottom. Then I made a handle to go with the cup.I glazzed it in two different colors, and i think the coil cup turned out pretty good. I gave it to my uncle and he really liked it.

This was the chalis pot thing i made.

Mug Pot
i made this by making the bottle shape of it first, then i made the hande for it. i then glazzed it and made it green. i think it turned out good. but it got stolen, so i do not know where it went.

Spring 2011
I just made [[#|coils]] to shape one of the them

Spring 2011
Perfect Mug/final project
For this project all i did was shape out the base of the mug and made it smooth and what i thought was perfect. Then i made a handle on it. I then just smoothed it out even more.

Square Pot
Spring 2011
I made this project on the wheel. I then made the cylinder into a square. I smoothed it out and i glazzed it and i think it turned out good.

Spring 2011
i made this from slabes of clay, then i just put them together. Then i put a side on each side of the box. then i made a top to it, then i put those pieces of clay on the box to make it look more vingtage you could say. Then i just glazzed it blue.
Spring 2011
Flower Bowl
I made this bowl on the wheel, and then i made designs on it. To make it look more cool. i like this project alot.

Spring 2011
Coil pot
I made this by putting coil's on top of each other then smoothing the outside of it. Then once i got towards the middle i went inward and made it to a point and the top, i also made desgins on it. I didnt not glaze this one. All i did was fire it and put this paint stuff on it.

Spring 210
I made this on the wheel, and all i did was put desgins all around it and then i just glazzed it and i think it turned out pretty good, and i gave it to my mom and she really likes it.