scribble drawingThis is a picture i drew in this class, its a picture of the rapper Drake. I used pen theentire time drawing it. I used different shades and lines, also different patterns. I think this is one of my best worksbecause i really like how this picture turned out, and i got a good grade on it.
water coloringThis is water color painting, this is where you use wet on dry. You try and blend the colors together as best as you can.This was my least favorite unit because im not very good at water coloring, or painting in general.
portraitI drew this with pencil, i just picked a picture that would be interesting to draw, and this one was. i like drawing people.Also shading them, i think im better at it then anything else, thats why i like it. I also made an eye for depression, and i painted it. I put words underneath it and i painted over it. Then youwould see the words over the paint. I had an altered book and i painted and drew a couple pages in it. With scribbles and practice drawings in it. We also did a prespective drawing of a buliding of city we wanted i did a town. i drew it and connected the lines that needed to be connected.