This project i used almost two pens to create it. I shaded with the pen's and made different tones in the wings. I just made the same pattern in the wings; going up and down with tthe pen. Then i made a design in the background, and i think it turned out pretty good. I really like it.

"Dotted Zebra"
This project i would have to say was the most time consuming. It was hard just becuase it took a long time to finish. I just made a bunch of little dots and i made more dots in the darker areas. This was my favorite project out of all of them. This one turned out the best.


I used acrylic paint, and just made a peace sign in the middle then i just made the rasta colors and bleneded them together around it.. i dont really like how it turned out, but i think its the paint i dont like. I still like it the project though.


This sketch all i did was doodle a bunch of sayings and qoutes i really liked. Then i just drew random stuff around them and decorted it. I like it, its just something i doodled and something i had fun with.


This was the first sketch i did, and i just glued a bunch of different items on the paper that i found in my room and some htings that mean something to me. I think it turned out pretty neat, and i like it.


Semester 2


"Wiz Khalifa"
This was one of my favorite pictures to draw, and it turned out really good. My theme i chose was people, all i did was get a picture of Wiz Khalifa and drew him. I like it alot, i like how i shaded it and used different tones. It looks really good!


This was the first project i drew second semester. I just picked out a picture of drake and tried my best to draw it. The hardest part about drawing this was the sunglassess, and making the nose look right. But i tried mybe best to make it look good, and i think it turned out good.


This is a person's eye who as been crying and there is make up ruunning down her face I thought this would be easy for me to draw, but it wasn't! It was hard to get the shading right and make it look like it was make-up, but i did my best! I think it turned out pretty good overall.


"Bob Marely"
Honstely this one is my FAVORITE out of all the projects! I liked how it turned out and how i used the three different colors in the background. I dont know if i did good at actually drawing bob marley but i like it and thatr's all that matters. i just like the overall project itself.

"Eye # 2"
This is my final project i did, and i wasnted to draw another eye just to see if i could do it better, and i dont know really if it looks any better. I think i am just not to good at drawing eyes. But it was a fun project, and it turned out good. i like it alot.. all of these were fun to draw.

          • This was a very fun class! (:**