Stella cup:
This was the first project we made and we flatted a piece of clay. Then we rolled it on the table and pinched the bottom of the cup so that it stands up. Then i just glazed and splattered different colors on it. I think it looks cool, i like it.


4 bowl's set:
2012/final project
I made all these bowls on the wheel, it was kinda of hard to make all the bowls the same. But i thought they turned out pretty good. Also they all seem like all the same size. I havent glazed them yet but i will be soon. I will probably glazed them the copper color.


Coleman Bowl:
I made this by putting a plastic bag inside of the bowl and then i just put the clay around the inside. Then I let in hardend for a day or two. Then i smoothed it out in the inside, then put in the kelm. i liked this project i thought it was fun, and mine turned out good.


For this project i just made three different bowls on the wheel, then i made marks on them so they had different designs. Then i put them ton top of each other and made a stack. Then i put it in the keln and glazed it. I liked making this project because i really liked the way mine turned out.


This was probably the easist project to make out of all of them, i just shaped the clay out like a stamp and made my intials on the top, then made other designs on the bottom. So then i could just stamp it on my projects.


Semester 2



This project was probably the hardest for me just becasue the circle in the middle kept breaking or cracking on me. so i had to make like three different ones. But i got it to wark, the i just shaped the bottom piece out and made a little cup for the top. Then i glazed it all different colors, and i like how it turned out.


This was the drum and i made this on the wheel, this was hard for me too because i'm not to good at making things like this. But then i just made a little circle hole on the side in the front, so then it would make a sound when you it your hand on the toip like a drum. Then i glazzed it green.


"6 Bowls"
This was our final project we did, and we had to make six bowls that look similiar to eachother. These i made all on the wheel and it was hard to make them look the same, at least for me it was. but i think the turned out pretty good.

"Circle Stack"
This was a project where had to have a circle ball in the middle and two pieces with it. One on the bottom and one on the top, I made the two pieces in the wheel and i made the ball with just flatting clay and making a circle hollow ball. I think it tunred out pretty good.

"coffee mug"
This is a mug i made on the wheel and i made a little spout where the coffee gets poured out of it. Then i made a handle on it. I then glazed it all different colors, now all it has to do is get fired.

Unfourtnely my teapot broke on me, i droped it and it all fell apart :( But when i did have it it look really good and i like it alot! I just used the thing on the wall to make it square and hollow like a teapot. Then i made a handle for it and the cover for it. Also the to like legs on it.